Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Top Ten Favorite Love Finds You books

Top Ten Favorite

Love Finds You romance novels

            With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, I decided to make a list of my top ten favorite romance novels in the Love Finds You series. There are so many things I love about this series, I could rave about them all day, but for the sake of this blog I’ll shorten it up.

            I love how the novels are based on actual places in the United States. Some towns are no longer in operation, but were once thriving communities. Other locations have grown into bustling cities. Reading about the geography of some famous, and some not so famous, places is something I haven’t experienced in other romance novels. It is a refreshing angle, something different.

            The historical aspect of these books is interesting. They don’t just focus on the American West. They include a variety time periods of history from pre-colonial America to post WWII. They’re packed with historical tidbits of everyday life. I’m thrilled every time I learned a new vocabulary word, a new style, or a fad from days gone by.

I could go on, but I want to share my favorites, so here goes, in alphabetical order.   

Love Finds You in Annapolis, Maryland by Roseanna M. White: Set in 1783, this book walks the reader through the days after the Revolutionary War. I love how it deals with emotions of the Colonists and how they deal with their new-found freedom. And I learned what a mobcap was when I read this one.    

Love Finds You in the City at Christmas by Ruth Logan Herne and Anna Schmidt: The first novella is set in New York City, in 1947. What piqued my interest was the heroine who rang a bell for the Salvation Army. I did that a job for a few years when my kids were little. The second novella is a contemporary and begins with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. I thought this book was a nice blend of two Christmas traditions.    

Love Finds You in Deadwood, South Dakota by Tracy Cross: This book begins in 1879 with a pregnant widow in peril. Penned with authentic detail regarding the Old West, it’s filled with danger, drama and some surprising twists that kept me turning pages.

Love Finds You in Liberty, Indiana by Melanie Dobson: Set in 1850, during the tumultuous days preceding the Civil War. This is the first book in this series, and by the end of chapter 1, I was hooked. The faith elements were subtle but still there. This is the best book about the Underground Railroad, I’ve read, or ever expect to read. Throw in a newborn baby in grave danger--I couldn’t put it down.   

Love Finds You in Lonesome Prairie, Montana by Tricia Goyer and Ocieanna Fleiss: Beginning in 1889, this book deals with a topic I didn’t know much about, the Orphan Train, and it’s set in a tiny community I’d never heard of before. It gave a detailed account of what life on the prairie was like, along with a happy ending. 

Love Finds You in Maiden, North Carolina by Tamela Hancock Murray: Written by my fabulous agent, and taking place in the 1920’s, I really wanted to read this one. I loved it. I learned so much about the fashions and culture in the Roaring 20’s. I walked around the house saying “The bee’s knees” for weeks after I turned the last page.  

Love Finds You in Poetry, Texas by Janice Hanna: Opening in 1904, the whole theme in this book is poetry. The businesses in this story have poetic names and many famous poets are quoted throughout. The humor in this novel had me chuckling page after page.     

Love Finds You in Revenge, Ohio by Lisa Harris: This story takes place in 1884, and I haven’t come across many romance novels taking place in Ohio. Woven into the story are things like ostrich farming and the Alaska Gold Rush. Lots of surprises in this book. 

Love Finds You in Victory Heights, Washington by Tricia Goyer and Ocieanna Fleiss: This one takes place in 1943, and in my state. How could I not want to read it? The story immersed me in life during WWII, with things like scrap metal drives, shortages of rubber and other mainstream products. I’ve lived my whole life just south of Seattle, and I’d never heard of this community. Learning about it was an interesting adventure.

Love Finds You in Wildrose, North Dakota by Tracy Bateman: Not too many romance novels take place in North Dakota, or in 1913, as this book does. The neighborly camaraderie is this story is heartwarming. The surprise ending left me shedding a few tears, but over-all, a fantastic read.

I’m heartbroken that this amazing series has been discontinued. I wanted to read a historical set in every state, and some set during the Vietnam War era. Sigh, perhaps after awhile.

I’ve just noticed something. Nine out of the ten books listed have a pregnancy, a newborn, or both in the plot. And with the exception of one novella, all are historical. There are plenty of contemporary titles in this series, but I haven’t gotten to them yet. Give me time, J Have you read many Love Finds You books? If so, what's your favorite?

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