Friday, March 31, 2017

Only 17 Books in 2016 Seventeen books might sound like a lot, but in some ways I feel like I’ve fallen off the reading wagon. Maybe that’s because I didn’t read any books during the summer months. Oh well, life happens. At least I’m doing better this year. Here is the breakdown of the seventeen I read in 2016. Memoirs and Biographies: 4 Legal Thrillers: 2 Mainstream Fiction: 1 Classics: 1 Historical Nonfiction: 1 Fantasy: 1 Historical Christian Romance: 7 I delved onto fantasy last year which is a genre I haven’t read before. It was an interesting world to be in. Still, my favorite genre, obviously, is Historical Christian Romance. For three years running, almost half of the books I read are in this genre. The breakdown of romances I read last year. Set in Biblical times: 1 Set during the 1800’s: 5 Set during the 1900’s: 1 As far as reading in 2017 goes, I’m off to a good start. I’ve read eleven books so far. Not surprisingly, four are Historical Christian Romance.