Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Only 47 Books This Year 
I had so much fun last January blogging about the 52 books I read in 2014 I wanted to repeat the process. I had hoped to read another 52 books in 2015, but it didn’t work out that way. I only got through 47 of them this past year, but reading 47 books in twelve months is no small accomplishment.
Numbers usually swim around in my head like a mass of frantic minnows in a fish bowl, still I couldn’t resist the temptation to compare numbers between the past two years. Here are a few of the statistics.  

In 2014 my busiest month was March where I read 7 and ½ books. August was my slowest month I only got through one book. In 2015 the numbers were more spread out. In January, June, August and December I got through 5 books while February, April, July and November I only read 3.

One thing that hasn’t changed is how diverse my reading tastes are. Here’s a break-down of what genre’s I read this past year.

Memoirs and Biographies: 4
Nonfiction/True Crime Drama: 3
Children’s chapter books: 5
Mainstream Fiction: 3
General Romance: 3
Mainstream Christian Fiction: 2
Contemporary Christian Romance: 4

And the genre winner for most books read, Historical Christian Romance. This one is my obvious favorite with a whopping 23 books. The break-down in this category is:

Books set in the 1700’s: 1
Books set in the 1800’s: 13
Books set in the 1900’s: 7
Books set outside the USA in the 1900’s: 2

For the year 2016, we’re only as far as January, but I’m already wondering what the statistics are going to look like next year.